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Real Estate Hourly Consultant

Real estate agent vs. real estate hourly consultant, which one is better for you?

Listing by the Hour

Sellers now have the choice between  listing for a by-the-hour fee or the traditional commission approach.

Real Estate Expert Witness

Working with attorneys
in the best interest of their clients.




Real Estate Articles

Since 1994, Don has been writing a monthly column of real estate advice for the Bay Area Newspaper Group (Oakland Tribune, Montclarion, Contra Costa Times, et al).

"Seven Sins of Buying & Selling"

A timely and timeless article. Buying and selling a home is complicated. Considering this is one of the most expensive purchases you will make, it pays to learn the worst pitfalls to avoid.

"Today's seller's market is creating future victims: An insider's look at multiple offers"

There are few areas of real estate where buyers need outstanding representation more than in the handling of multiple offers. Sadly, some buyers are working with licensees who lack the knowledge, caring, or both to protect them from paying more than necessary.

"Agency: Biggest consumer problem in real estate"

As a Bay Area and East Bay real estate expert witness, I continually see specifics of how agents fail their clients. Few buyers and sellers understand what an agent should do for them and too many licensees are not clear about agency.




Real Estate Agent vs. Real Estate Hourly Consultant

Which one is better for you?

In today's market, there is a great necessity for this service, but few in the business provide it. The real estate industry finds it difficult to accept an alternative to its usual commission based way of doing business. Seeing the need, Don has been successfully helping buyers and sellers as an hourly consultant since 1994.

There are situations where you require real estate expertise, but do not see the sense in paying thousands for a few hours of help.

An example is a property owner selling to his tenant. In this situation, Don is hired by either the seller or the buyer to help prepare proper paperwork, to answer questions and to provide guidance for the ones typical buyers and sellers do not even think to ask. His job is to support you with the knowledge and experience that facilitates a smooth transaction and help you avoid the pitfalls that could lead to expensive problems later.

To learn more about real estate hourly consulting, read some of the articles Don has written:

- Consultant or Agent?
- Consulting Saves Buyer's Bacon
- Consulting Helps Couple Avoid "Money Pit"
- Hourly Consulting: Great Idea Whose Time Has Yet to Come
- Hourly Real Estate Consultants: Still Hard to Find
- Berkeley Seller Applauds Hourly Real Estate Consulting


To hire Don as your consultant, call 510.485.7239 or  




Listing By the Hour vs. Paying a Percentage of the Selling Price

Which makes most sense for you?

Referred to as an hourly fee listing, listing by the hour, hourly paid listing or hourly listing, it is a fee-for-service format that logically fits residential real estate. By doing so, it changes the established commission system.

Don breaks the mold by creating the opportunity for sellers to save thousands of dollars while teaming up with one of the most respected and experienced Realtors® in the East Bay. As a real estate licensee since 1979, Don knows how to make any market work for you.

Whether you choose the traditional commission option or an hourly fee scenario for your listing, Don provides the highest level of competence and caring.

For more information about how you can receive the most professional, ethical representation, while ending up with more dollars in your pocket...

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Real Estate Expert Witness

Working with attorneys in the best interest of their clients

Qualified as an expert witness in Alameda, San Francisco and Marin Superior Courts, Don has been assisting attorneys as a Bay Area and northern California real estate expert witness and consultant since 1986. He has testified at numerous depositions and at arbitration.

Always interested in advancing his skills, he is a member of the Forensic Expert Witness Association (FEWA) and California Real Estate Expert Witnesses (CREEW).

Don's assiduous attention to detail has elicited many positive comments over the years for his ability to identify specific issues not always obvious to counsel. As a past president of the Oakland Association of Realtors®, past manager of a large real estate office and long-time state director of the California Association of Realtors®, Don brings extensive experience and expertise to legal cases.

For a copy of his Curriculum Vitae,
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What Don's clients say

"Don is the gold standard by which to judge all other Realtors®.

R.H.W., Seller

"Your advice was right on target...Most of all, we appreciate that you did everything in our best interests"

G & J, Sellers

"The value of your service was multiplied many times by the extras that you provided."

AM & JM, Buyers

"I took your advice and beat out eleven other buyers. I was even happier later, when you told me the seller's agent said we were the second highest offer, but the seller thought your presentation of my offer was the most professional."

T.C., Buyer






Don Dunning

About Don

  • Since 1979, Don has been a full-time Realtor® specializing in Oakland and nearby communities
  • Hourly consultant and expert witness in real estate matters
  • 2004 President of Oakland Association of Realtors® (OAR) and 2005 OAR Realtor® of the Year
  • Past president of OAR Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and past chairman of East Bay Regional Data Inc., the regional MLS
  • Former senior member of OAR Professional Standards Committee
  • Former long-time California Association of Realtors® (CAR) director and former member of CAR MLS/Computer and Business Technology Committee, Professional Standards Committee and Realtor® Risk Management and Consumer Protection Forum
  • Advanced designations: Certified Residential Specialist (CRS), Certified Residential Brokerage Manager (CRB) [fewer than 2% of Realtors® nationwide hold these dual designations] and Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR)
  • Member of numerous professional organizations and Realtor® networks throughout the United States and Canada
  • New agent real estate trainer since 1987


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